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Liquor Licence & Facts

Liquor Licensee Training

Completion of the Liquor Licensee training course will be mandatory in NSW for:

  • Licensees and approved managers applying for a new NSW liquor licence or transfer of existing licence to another person or premises from 1 September 2018
  • Existing NSW licensees and approved managers from 1 April 2019, aligned to the renewal of an existing NSW competency card.

William Angliss Institute has been involved in developing the program in partnership with Liquor and Gaming NSW and are the the preferred training provider of the AHA. The have partnered with them to provide discounts and group training to members.

This program consists of Licensee Training (LT) and Advanced Licensee Training (ALT) courses that will be law for all NSW licensees and approved managers. However anyone can do the courses to up skill their liquor skills and knowledge.  

Licensee training – Day 1

Licensee training covers a range of topics, including:

  • understanding the relevant liquor laws and regulations that impact you as a licensee
  • knowing your responsibilities in managing your NSW liquor licence
  • understanding your responsibilities as a licensee to manage alcohol related harms in your business
  • how to implement strategies for your business to improve operations
  • understanding the consequences of non-compliance and what that means for you as a licensee.

Advanced Licensee training –Day 2

Advanced Licensee training is an additional course for those who may operate a business in a higher risk environment, such as venues authorised to trade after midnight.

Advanced Licensee training covers topics, including:

  • understanding and carrying out your legal responsibilities as a licensee operating in a higher risk environment,
  • analysing and minimising the risks relevant to your liquor licence
  • managing, operating and leading a successful licensed business.
  • Leadership and strategy for high risk venues.

How long will the courses take to complete?

  • The Licensee (LT) course for new or existing licensees is a one day of face to face attendance plus ½ day for pre-assessments to be completed prior to the face to face course.
  • Course times are 9-4.30pm for the Licensee Course and 9-1.00pm for the Advanced Licensee Course (the following day)


Liquor Licence & Facts

Law and policy

What signs do I need

Serving Alcohol Responsibly

Whether you’re selling or supplying alcohol, the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) program provides rules and strategies to minimise alcohol-related problems, such as intoxication, violence and vandalism, in our community.

RSA guides licensees and employees in complying with NSW liquor laws. The liquor laws require venues to promote and support a safe environment when selling, supplying or serving alcohol.​

Responsible service includes strategies to prevent people becoming intoxicated, recognising signs of intoxication, not serving an​​yone who is intoxicated, not serving anyone under the age of 18, knowing standard drink levels and understanding the impact of alcohol abuse in our community.

Responsible Service of Alcohol
Explanation of RSA, standard drink and alcohol guidelines, RSA rules in precincts, RSA fines and a list of liquor licensing authorities in other states.

RSA training
What you need to know about the RSA training course​, refresher training and how to find an approved RSA course provider.

Competency cards
How to get your competency card or renew it, information about interim certificates and the expiry of older paper certificates.

Registered training organisations
Get approval to provide first time RSA training in class or online, become an RSA trainer, the online portal system and fines that apply to RTOs.

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